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5 simple rules for enterprise2.0

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Source > http://blog.softwareinsider.org/2010/12/16/best-practices-five-simple-rules-for-social-business/

Trust is the new social currency

Trust drives influence, engagement, and relationships. People and organizations must earn trust through their actions across their relationships. Trust can be expended to gain influence, create engagement, and foster relationships. Trust can be taken away through lack of credibility, bad behaviour, and dishonesty.

Social is a cultural shift

Social is not a fad. The growing preference for engagement through social channels drives new relationship models. Social has moved beyond the tipping point. How social evolves and permeates our lives is the question. Expect a smaller but strident anti-social movement to counter this current trend. Social is here to stay and is one of the five forces of consumer tech entering the enterprise.

Building community is the goal

People and organizations seek a sense of belonging. Communities form around personal ecosystems that transcend geographies, time, and individual status. Communities provide the force multipliers to amplify messages through advocates and detractors. Communities require curation and nurturing for success. Once you have a community, organizations and individuals must earn trust to create social currency.

P2P is today’s reality

B2B and B2C are dead. Social business is conducted through Peer-to-peer (P2P) relationships. Attempts to stove pipe individuals into forced-fit, artificial market segmentations, fail because each individual brings multiple roles to the community. Each role brings a new perspective and a set of expectations in customer experience.

Social business is just good business

While the moniker social will eventually go away, business has always been social. Breakthroughs in technology and cultural adoption drive the social business phenomenon. However, business can not be conducted without relationships. Social business will be omniscient.