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Aviary suite now for free: web image editor and much more: svg ... 20100320 18:42

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Aviary is a suite of proprietary[1] web-based multi-media applications currently in development from Worth1000, using the Adobe Flex platform. The individual tool names are bird-themed, hence the suite name. The scope of proposed tools has drawn comparisons to the Zoho Office Suite. Aviary exited their invitation-only beta in October, 2008 and announced subscription plans for private collaboration under their blue plan (since extended to all members free of charge.) [2] But the blue badge still remains a sign of support. Since Aviary is free for all users and without limitations, a series of new badges will be introduced soon. Aviary released Raven, their web-based vector editor on February 9, 2009 ...

Phoenix - Image editor
Peacock - Node based visual laboratory
Toucan - Color swatches and palettes creator
Rookery - Codename for the file system utilized by Aviary.
Raven - Vector editor
Talon - Firefox Screen Capture Add-On
Falcon - Image Markup
Myna - Audio editor


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