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A customer, also called client... May also be a viewer of the product or service...

20091202_jfa_30x48.jpg Jfayel point of view... Everybody... everywhere... everywhen is my personal "customer"...

The word derives from "custom," meaning "habit"; a customer was someone who frequented a particular shop, who made it a habit to purchase goods of the sort the shop sold there rather than elsewhere, and with whom the shopkeeper had to maintain a relationship to keep his or her "custom," meaning expected purchases in the future. ... The slogans "the customer is king" or "the customer is god" or "the customer is always right" indicate the importance of customers to businesses - although the last expression is sometimes used ironically. ...

However, "customer" also has a more generalised meaning as in customer service and a less commercialised meaning in not-for-profit areas. ... some managers in this environment, in which the emphasis is on being helpful to the people one is dealing with rather than on commercial sales, comfortably use the word "customer" to both internal and external customers.

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