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Goofy: How to Promote Your Blog for Free? 怎样免费自动推广你的博客? 20100224 19:30

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Does someone uses the service? How do you feel it?

How To Let Robot to Auto-promote Your Blog or Anything with RSS Feeds? 1. Create one Account with Goofy2 2. Upload the blog or picture as Logo 3. Add a robot user RSS Robot on Goofy2 4. Send RSS Robot a direct message: add password rss


怎样用机器人推广你的博客?(RSS) 1. 注册高飞帐号 2. 上传你的图标 3. 添加高飞机器人RSS Robot 4. 给高飞机器人RSS Robot发送私信:add password RSS地址


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