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The Internet Doesn’t Need Your ‘Great Idea’ 20101012 11:16

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Great ideas. That is what we are all after isn’t it? That one spark that leads to an empire, money and power? Well, I’ve got news for you. Ideas are yesterdays news. Passé. Done. Last century.

Take a look at any successful Internet company that is around at this moment. Can you find any that were born out of a single idea? That took the market because they were first, with their idea?

Of course not. There were a lot of search engines before Google and a lot of video sharing websites before Youtube. The number of websites where you could leave short messages to chat with friends? Hundreds of those! The difference between a nice idea and a very successful idea has always been execution, timing and a large dose of luck.

...Twitter wasn’t just a good idea either. In fact, most people at the time agreed it wasn’t much of an idea at all.

These days, when someone tells me ‘I have a great idea for a webservice’ I just don’t get excited anymore. I have learned not to. The reason is that ideas really don’t matter anymore. On the other hand; got a simple idea and a working prototype and do your friends all love it? Give me a call! That is what excites me! That is a formula for success. Forget about your MBA friends and their ‘but what is the businessmodel?’ bullshit questions. So again; got a 40 page business plan, innovative idea covered by patents and $40,000 to outsource the development to India? Nah, sorry, but I’m not interested.

Don’t just have an idea but start building something.

Do you agree you can go on and start tomorrow an Internet business?

20091207.isayel.41x45.jpg isayel point of view...
Internet is the only place where you can start a service with a minimum cost and a huge numbers of tools to adapt your service to the market = to be agile, so do it!

Source > http://thenextweb.com/entrepreneur/2010/10/09/the-internet-doesnt-need-your-great-idea/