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Because we are such die-hard users of Yammer at Yammer (also known as drinking our own champagne), I’ve been more effective at getting what I need faster so I can serve our community better. said MARIA OGNEVA on 2011.03.27 (source : http://socialsilk.com/2011/03/27/customer-service/commitment-longterm/)

Most all of us - in the enterprise world or not - update our status, share photos, chat and even Tweet. Maria Ogneva, head of community at Yammer, the enterprise social network used by 100,000 organizations, says that a disconnect between consumer and enterprise software only causes frustrated and inefficient users.

"Employees are also consumers, and when they get to work they expect their software tools to act the way their consumer tools do at home," said Ogneva. "Because social sites and apps have become such a big part of our lives, the wider the disconnect between 'work tools' and 'personal tools,' the more frustrated we become."

Who wants frustrated employees (or wants to be one)? Nobody. The obvious solution, then, is for enterprise software to leverage familiar features.

"While at work, we are even more crunched for time, and business apps need to help their users do their jobs with the least amount of friction and setup time. A modern business app needs to be easy to use [...] and activate the right resources (knowledge and people) to help users get their jobs done," said Ogneva.

Marcus Nelson, director of social media at Salesforce, says that changes in technology, such as the iPad and the move to the cloud, are also behind the consumerization of enterprise. He points to Chatter as Salesforce's shining example of consumer technology showing up in the workplace.

"Where Salesforce was relegated to the sales and service department, Chatter allows us to get into every department," said Nelson, noting that 80,000 of Salesforce's 92,300 customers uses Chatter. "Like Facebook, like Twitter, this information is coming to you. You see enterprise software going with things like feeds and profiles. The technological ability has improved so much in consumer apps that it makes sense to adopt that [in enterprise]."