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DiWiki.com is a social platform

ASPM.net has decided to move to an open wiki web as:

- wiki is now ASPM core business
- ASPM wide-experience in communication fits with wiki communication platform
- wiki is the perfect Knowledge Source for both customers and company's team

20091202_jfa_30x48.jpg Jfayel

"... Knowledge Sourcing is the main reason why an hippocampus has been choosen as the main personage of the diwiki logo..."

DiWiki.com talks about...

learn-by-doing approach
autonomous teams
person and social community
creativity and resilient data base
productivity and contributions > Email evolution
  • Contacts outside enterprise 2.0
customers2.0 or how to offer to the customers what they really want.
suppliers 2.0
freelancer 2.0
social 2.0 (sustainability,ethic...)
  • Education 2.0
  • Local 2.0 or connecting ground with clouds in benefit to local community
  • Money 2.0 or investing and financing following new canvas
  • Politic 2.0 or managing direct democracy
  • ... whatever 2.0 topic someone wants to talk and "Mshare" about...

DiWiki.com is a domain name used by two companies

Onyx Info settled in Geneva (Switzerland) as the operating company
ASPM GmbH settled in Kehl (Germany) as the background service company

Onyx Info is running the customers relationship and all the communication about services offered by the team.

ASPM is running the logistic to deliver the best service to the customers.