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Online comments about enterprise2.0 - Entreprise globale - Entreprise 2.0:Quel est le problème? - Best of Enterprise2.0 Summit

- Paula Thornton
  • Storytelling is maybe the first Enterprise2.0 tool to implement... >>> Storytelling

Wikipedia definitions

"A system of web-based technologies that provide

- Rapid and agile collaboration,
- Information sharing,
- Emergence and integration capabilities
- in the Extended enterprise"

European point of view

5 key topics to be discussed for a Enterprise 2.0 strategy
  1. There is only one goal to be achieved: collaborative performance.But we need the development of a collaborative performance measurement.
  2. Keep the interaction alive and kicking with participation & community management."The facilitation and guidance of the group’s interaction process is one of the keys to Enterprise 2.0 effects. It is and will never be guaranteed just by the installation and implementation of technology".
  3. Set the right environment variables to new forms of organizational schemes and leadership models. Best-practices of Enterprise 2.0 initiatives show that they are better off if they are structured by the ideas of adhocracy* . This implies new forms of organizational schemes and models of leadership.
  4. Be aware of the complexity of changing the game.(the facilitation of the process of a cultural change is another key to the success of these projects)
  5. Discuss the scope of Enterprise 2.0 beyond blogs & wikis.

  • The word is a portmanteau of the Latin ad hoc, meaning 'for purpose', and the suffix -cracy, from the ancient Greek kratein (κρατείν), meaning 'to govern', and is thus a heteroclite.

Asia-Pacific point of view


"...Asia Pacific organisations continue to have different views and drivers (compared to North American organisations) and that the cultural differences are both regional and organisation specific. Not all organisations will, or should, approach enterprise web 2.0 the same way.”

The study reveals the top three enterprise web 2.0 applications are wikis, blogs and collaborative document management. Twitter is also cited as a significant tool based on its potential marketing value. Given these approaches are all publishing related, the preliminary report suggests that organisations are continually looking for ways to streamline content production, knowledge availability and information dissemination. Organisations also appear to be more aware of, and interested in, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their information management practices.

Maybe in other part of the world the focus is on "man and women and team" not on data?

Twitter was also recognised as being an important web 2.0 technology within the enterprise with almost one quarter of respondents indicating their organisations already use the service. Hydrasight research shows that marketing applications based on Twitter is the primary driving factor. Twitter (and Yammer) provide solutions for publishing micro updates and/or non-critical notifications within and external to the enterprise.

Authenthic conversation are not yet admited, these companies are staying in the "one-way" communication old-canvas.

"..Comparisons between public and enterprise web 2.0 initiatives are causing continuing concerns among some organisations such as the fear that a reduction in employee productivity will occur as a result of deploying web 2.0. This demonstrates confusion for organisations with employees' desire to access public web 2.0 services with the benefits that enterprise web 2.0 can bring."

Maybe the word "public" had to move to "potential customers"...?

World point of view

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