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Enterprise2.0 services

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Onyx services short list
Think big + Start small + Act deadly simple...

  • Think big... that is what consulting is about, specially the "Entreprise2.0 introduction" program
  • Start small... that is what facilitating is about, choosing carefully only one small 2.0 application to start with
  • Act deadly simple... that is why working first with Mediawiki is Onyx general recommendation

Front office actions : "First encouraging use... prior to providing structure..." > Wiki wanted

  • Consulting
- Enterprise2.0 introduction: short and long term stakes
- Seminars: KnowHowManagement2.0, Customers2.0, Work2.0, Office2.0, Pop2.0, Suppliers2.0, Groups2.0, Projects2.0, Research2.0, Social2.0, ...
  • Facilitating your organization to seed and develop its Entreprise2.0 strategy and/or operations...
- occasional or emergency interventions
- planified actions

Back office services : "Your organisation can focus on the target to reach... Onyx takes away from you the backoffice burden... "

- Cloud Setup
- Cloud Servicing
- Gardening: seeding, feeding, weeding
>>> All Mediawiki services details are developped at Mediawiki.Services
>>> Since 2010 all Mediawikis setup by Onyx Info include Semantic_mediawiki
  • Many cloud computing other tools similar services are also provided on request.

You get with Onyx the unique combination of old experience + new technology knowhow
  • Old experience... Engineers with 30 years of experience building successful self-organising teams in mining, oil, bank, insurance, trade, small business...
  • New technology... Since 1978, 1982, 1993, 2004... Knowhow to make 1 463 350 people enjoy new technology to get great personal and group results...
Just ask for all the details... to Isabelle Bernadac by email