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  • Twist... Some governments yet do a lot to open data... More should be done... Nobody can stop the Internet, nobody can stop the wave?

A Government is the body within a community, political entity or organization which has the authority to make and enforce rules, laws and regulations.

Government 2.0 is neologism for attempts to apply the social networking and integration advantages of Web 2.0 to the practice of government.

But as time goes on some people are going futher in a way that could enrich this wiki.

Gov 2.0 Is All About Customer Experience wrote by Gwynne Kostin coins with all Diwiki content.

She says

..."What has changed is the way people communicate and interact--with each other, with companies, with government. We don't yet know what that means. We can try and predict, but the main outcomes of these predictions is fodder for future laughs.
Now to you naysayers who say that not everyone is plugged in, not everyone uses social media or the Internet or even e-mail, I say, "So? You don't have to drive to know that cars changed the way we live, where we live, how we shop, where we go."
And, to you near-term nostalgics, the people who think that texting, tweeting, friending and gaming are stupid, who prefer a stamp to online banking, I say, "it's okay for you to feel that way, just realize that the rest of the world is embracing new channels."

She makes a parallele between customer experience and citizen experience:

..."Amazon continues to pour money into improving its customer service rather than run traditional advertising or marketing campaigns. As Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said, "We are not great advertisers. So we start with customers, figure out what they want, and figure out how to get it to them."--See more at http://AdAge.com
..."People expect that their tax dollars pay for the same types of experiences that they have in the private sector. When we disappoint, we fail. Government needs to better engage with citizens and provide services that people seek--less time broadcasting/marketing our messages and more time building good experiences. Better experiences will translate into better confidence in government."

People who seems to govern, seems not be aware of some crude realities:

..."If we are not present within the attention dashboards of our existing customers and prospects, we intentionally remove ourselves from their decision-making funnel. Consumers are among the new influencers as they now have access to the same tools and channels that reach peers and shape their impressions"
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