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'''Data, informations, knowhows, learning curves, knowledge'''
'''Data, informations, knowhows, learning curves, knowledge'''
* You are welcome to '''contribute'''...  
* You are welcome to '''contribute'''...  
: - use discussion and edit tabs
: - use discussion and edit tabs

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The World economy is experiencing a drastic change. The Enterprise world is first in line.
Enterprise2.0, yes but in its larger scope, since a whole new 2.0 world is already running.
- Who is concerned... top managers, future managers, all actors...

Here are 5 first questions to bounce off in this new 2.0 world:

  1. - Zero office? ... Office2.0, Email evolution, Cloud computing, ...
  2. - Zero capital? zero employees? ... Business2.0, Outsourcing, Freelancing, Knowhow2.0, Crowdsourcing, Auto-organisations, ...
  3. - All partners? ... Suppliers2.0, Workers2.0, Customers2.0, ... Knowledge2.0, Government2.0, ... Entrepreneur2.0
  4. - New rules of productivity? ... Contributing, "Msharing", Transparency, ..., Data2.0, Oral2.0, ...
  5. - New terms of trade? ... Commons, Copyleft, Donations, Freemiums, Longtail, ...Sales2.0, marketing2.0, Money2.0, ...

Data, informations, knowhows, learning curves, knowledge

  • You are welcome to contribute...
- use discussion and edit tabs
- open new pages about topics that matters to you
- create an account to tune your own: preferences, user page, watch list, automatic alerts, ...
- contact other users via their user page
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You will also find in DiWiki.com the list of Enterprise2.0 services that Onyx Info can bring to your organisation.
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