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The mobile Internet has dramatically changed the consumer behavior but is also making its way in the enterprise. It has many consequences in Marketing strategies.

According to a very interesting Morgan Stanley research - The Mobile Internet Report - issued in December 2009, some early signs are attesting of a massive disruption ahead:

more users may connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within 5 years.
five IP-based products / services are growing /converging and providing the underpinnings for dramatic growth in mobile Internet usage – 3G adoption + social networking + video + VoIP + impressive mobile devices

Enterprises are already taking advantage of this revolution to solve business problems and meet goals in reducing time and cost, improving customer experience or including consumers directly in business processes

US enterprises experiences > GM, RehabCare, Oklahoma Heart Hospital, L.A. County
Loyalty Program using Twitter and Foursquare

This last program is solving the rampant question of the majority of the marketing team:

How do we measure social media initiatives?

The companies, monitoring Tweets and Foursquare checkin now collect, analyze and apply to budget discussions around allocating resources to social media efforts.

Will the companies get accurate accounts on the quantity of tweets and checkins with card swipes? Absolutely. Can they quantify those social media updates with sales figures? Yes. Plus, they can track change over time, as well as the influence of these Rewards tweets and checkins as they pertain to growth of the program. It’s social and smart.

The Social Customer Wins:

This program will motivate other stores and restaurants to adopt similar programs, which could even create a social media loyalty competition between businesses in the same market, with companies upping the social media rewards to beat their competition. All of sudden your online social value will be worth more than just a retweet. Doesn’t that sound sweet?

Location-Sharing More Commonplace:

It won’t happen overnight, but this program and others like will make location-sharing more commonplace than it already is. The tie-in with Foursquare is quite genius, and one we expect to see repeated, which means that more

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