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Sales 2.0 is about sales people using Web 2.0 tools and social media to sell more effectively.
for example > http://www.krusecontrolinc.com/shift-happens-embracing-change-in-dealership-marketing-social-media/
"JD Power and Associates found that 75% of the public spend on average nearly 7 hours on the internet when making a new vehicle purchase. They found that consumers focused on three types of websites for information: Third party sites for referrals and recommendations, manufacturers’ sites for product information, and dealership sites to search for inventory (source: The Auto Channel News). Staying stuck in the myths will cost you sales."

Most innovation in the sales profession took place in the 1890's...Now what?

The 2010 Sales Effectiveness Study released by CSO Insights reveals that sales organizations that implement Sales 2.0 technology actually overachieve compared to others that are slow to catch on to this powerful sales effectiveness trend.

How can you convert more of the salesperson’s screen time to face-to-face selling time (or headset to headset)?

There are cases where inbound marketing is not enough on its own. In these cases, Sales 2.0 is going to be essential to small business owners and marketers.

Target Accounts

Depending of how expensive is the product you have to sell, there may only be between a few hundred and a few dozen companies that want it and can afford it.

In this scenario, you need a proactive approach to selling. Inbound marketing alone is not going to be enough.

After Inbound

After they've been magnetically attracted by your inbound marketing and if they fill in the right values in your Web forms, you get in touch with them fast.

When you call them, you are suddenly in "outbound land"...usually you still have a lot of selling to do.So being smart about selling is still going critical.

Further down the Funnel

Whichever way the lead gets to you, sooner or later it's going to be the sales team's ball.

There's a whole bunch of tools now that can make sales people smarter in the ways they progress deals to closure. All these tools fall under the Sales 2.0 mantel...

Inbound marketing and Sales2.0

Inbound marketing has been conceived by marketers for marketers. Sales 2.0 has been conceived by sales people for sales people. Both have been catalyzed by the Internet and all the changes it has brought about in buyer behavior.

So let marketing drive the strategy and help sales with the execution. The sales team is going to do what drives immediate sales for them.

Provide Clear Actions (Education)

  • Show the sales team how LinkedIn can be used to connect with partners, find new leads, and research prospects before initial meetings.
  • Demonstrate how Twitter can be used to nurture relationships and help establish people as thought leaders within the industry.
Tell them to join a specific group or respond a specific question.

Show ROI on Efforts (Proof)

Marketing should have a corporate strategy in place for using social media to nurture prospects and drive new leads.

If this is something you are simply forcing on sales, they will reject it. But if Marketing team can show sales team how you’ve been able to generate leads using these channels you’ll instantly gain credibility.

Make it Easy (Support)

Make recommendations of

who to connect with,
what groups to join,
specific industries to follow,
articles to share, and anything else you’d like your team to do via social media.
Be specific and give plenty of support throughout the process.

When they will start to make sales using social media, they’ll take it off in their own direction. It would be time to to put in place strategies to make sure the brand voice is cohesive!

Sales 2.0 Tools

Lead Generation
InsideView, Genius.com, Salesgenie, and Silverpop Engage B2B help companies capture more and better leads. Current leads can be compared to previous leads to statistically determine which current leads are more likely to close. And leads can be put into a nurture pipeline for additional contacts, emails, and telemarketing.
Customer Engagement
InsideSales and ConnectAndSell to contact prospects and move opportunities forward
Social-networking tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and http://Twitter.com Twitter provide sales with additional ways to reach prospects.
iPhone and RIM Blackberry, help ensure that sales remains in contact with customers as the sale moves forward.
Sales and marketing management can use analytic tools such as Cloud9 and Birst to measure the effectiveness of sales efforts, thereby ending the arguments before they start.
Customer Messaging
Kadient and Brainshark create a repository of effective messages and materials while encouraging content creators to communicate with each other about what's working in the field and what's falling flat. Sales and marketing begin to collaborate on messaging in a real-time environment, rather than simply argue about which messages make more sense.
Proposals and real-time follow-up
Sales Compensation
Xactly: makes sales compensation faster and easier while cutting errors and aligning sales compensation with the company’s bottom line.
More tools
  • Marketo, the revenue-focused marketing automation company, announced on 10/02/2010 that its global customer base generated an estimated $300 million of incremental revenue in 2009 thanks to Marketo’s lead generation and sales effectiveness solutions.With Marketo, marketing and sales teams seamlessly collaborate.
  • Bigmachines:accelerates the product configuration, quote, and proposal processes, helping salespeople sell more and a lot faster with 100 percent accuracy. Salespeople can configure, quote, and propose a solution in 10 minutes.
  • Right90 : helps sales leaders quickly and accurately generate a reliable and trusted sales forecast. As a result, companies save on inventory cost, avoid canceled orders, and optimize their manufacturing cost.
  • Wiki as a cheap social platform to "begin small" and user-friendly the process of implementing Web 2.0 sales tools, making effective collaboration and support between Marketing team and Sales team.