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Social media is about person

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...The mistake marketers make is that they try to bring traditional tactics (how to reach an audience, target a demographic, etc.) to social media. It simply won’t work because there isn’t “one” audience to target anymore. It’s been replaced by a series of interconnected groups. Basically, social media set out to revolutionize everything marketers were working against.

...As consumers, you and I are setting up our own information networks. How we learn and what we share with others is governed by those with whom we connect via social media. Before, people used to visit websites to find information, but now people expect information to come to them. This is the foundation of the social-media revolution. You have to ask yourself, “Who am I trying to reach (attendees, partners, speakers)? Where are they going for information (Facebook, Twitter, blogs)?” and then design your marketing programs around reaching each one of those segments.

...The social-media landscape is essentially personal. Look at what people are sharing and responding to on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. If you looked at a word cloud based on what people are posting, you would find that the most often used words always have something to do with emotion. That’s because social media is emotional, and it’s all about the individual. When you introduce classic marketing and sales to a platform that’s personal and emotional, you’re going to be met with resistance, hate, anger, and resentment because you represent everything they’re moving away from. This is when research and empathy are important.

...Instead of casting a fishing line to lure people in, you have to go to people and actually steer their actions and experiences. This has its inherent disadvantages because you’re not as in control as you like, but at the same time, not everyone is a leader. Some people are still looking for insight and direction, and marketers now have a platform to provide that.But ultimately, it comes back to the three Fs — that’s where the future of social media lies. Fans, friends, and followers are becoming intensely influential, and are, in essence, becoming the brand, which is why earning a place in the social-networking community is imperative for today’s marketers.

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