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Welcome to Isabelle Ayel's user page!

  • You are welcome to chat with me on Twitter > http://twitter.com/nanouk
  • Click on "email this user" on your left handside (in the box "toolbox") and drop me a mail

I am a "pre-historical" geek: I began programming with Fortran and pre-perfored cards...in the previous century, in 1971, hard time to carry out successfully a programm!

Then came basic, DBaseII (what a joy!) and the first Apple. The disruptive software was the spreadsheet and in the 80's the "Star suite" on Xerox 800, the ancestor of Mac user-friendly interface.

In early 2005 I install a family wiki website to save good memories from families and friends (genealogy, families' stories, pictures and documents as well as emails).

In 2005 I setup for one of my customer a social website about Anthropology: http://seminariodeantropologia.org
End of 2006 I had the opportunity to make a conference about the "wiki revolution" in Zaragoza Spain and I launched a wiki about Zaragoza :http://zaragoza.diwiki.org
In 2009 two more "local online newspapers" are running > http://malaga.diwiki.org - http://paris.diwiki.org
Other Wikis I'm in charge of: http://chemindupelerin.com - http://viverosdecora.org - http://rafaeltorrescorrea.net - http://cmc.diwiki.org - http://wiki21.info
With my company, ASPM GmbH, I am also installing, hosting, securing and monitoring personal wikis, helping people to boost their productivity with wiki tool made simple.
ASPM GmbH is tracking changes in management and enterprises in a wiki opened to your sharings : http://diwiki.com

I was also engaged in a financial mediawiki portal > http://www.wikinvest.com/user/Isayel

I am running 3 blogs : http://isayel.net - http://zfr.posterous.com (about French "conversation" for foreigners) - http://zaragozadiadia.posterous.com (about Aragón in Spain)

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