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French Interventions Entreprise2.0 JfAyel


From best to weak...

- French, English, ... Portuguese, Spanish, ... Deutsch, Latin, ...

Web2.0 main contributions


malaga: http://malaga.diwiki.org/
paris: http://paris.diwiki.org/
strasbourg: http://strasbourg.diwiki.org/
zaragoza: http://zaragoza.diwiki.org/
... very soon many more to come

... this Enterprise2.0 Mediawiki: http://diwiki.com

Initiative of some pages



  • Web2.0: social2.0 networking, wiki, mediawiki, pop personal office productivity,
  • Entrepreneurship for ever... started when 18 years old... still now and more to come...


  • Hardware (story list)...
newspaper, soccer football, pc slides, computers, faxes, formulettes, cdroms
  • Soft (story list)...
consulting, training, marketing solutions, entrepreneurship "teaching" and experience transfer, web2.0 services and solutions

Best personal 2.0 tools and before...

  • Before tools: IBM 5100, APL language, AppleII n°48, Visicalc, OsborneI, KayproII, IBM PC clone, Compaq, DbaseII, ...
  • Today Tools2.0: two monitors, eeepc asus netbook, etymonline, friendfeed, google gears, gmail, google reader, igoogle, iwantsandy "but dead", keyboardr, mediawiki, mindmeister, open office "but given up", onlineclock.net, pidgin, posterous, skype, smw semantic mediawiki, tempo, twitter and some of its ecosystem services, ubuntu linux, wikipedia, wordreference, zoho, ...

Entrepreneurship successes... but also failures...

JF Ayel is a serial entrepreneur. Here are his success and also his failures. You can benefit from his entrepreneurship learning curve. You can also feed yourself with some experience transfers from JF Ayel. Just enter some conversations with JF Ayel...

- You are welcome... email, skype, twitter, discussion tabs...
  1. Captain college football team. Paris League vice champion. 1964.
  2. Local newspaper. Startup & managing. 1965-1968. From 8pm to 12pm while preparing "Concours Grandes Ecoles" at Ginette France.
  3. Sports headmaster 8 teams: basket ball, football, rugby, volley ball. Ecole des Mines de Paris University. 1968-1971.
  4. PhD computer science. Illiac IV. Ecole des Mines de Paris. 1971.
  5. Event. Football match. Partners searching, mailing, dealing, organising. Paris Saint Germain, Parc des Princes Paris. 24 Mai 1971
  6. Arpanet and Operational Research. Ministery of Defense France. Introduction of operational research into field applications both tactical and strategical. Graph theory and probabilities doctorate. 1971-1973.
  7. Pandore budget governement first software. 1973-1978 Ministery of Finances. Leading, startup, coding & running of small computing for first computerised France budget Pandore. Small team of only 5 people.
  8. Founding, coaching, managing. Igny Football club. 1974-1981.
  9. Silicon Valley first contact. 1976. "Microcomputers are to change computing"...
  10. Startup of first owned company. Silical Strasbourg 1978. Micro computing consulting & applications. AppleII number 48. Freelancers top to 75%.
  11. Equipes autonomes, Twi and Ist technics, personal office productivity. CEO versailles France. 1978-1979
  12. Early world adopter of DbaseII software. Consulting. Implementation in banks, insurances, oil industry. Auto responsible teams. 1980-1989.
  13. Second startup: Ideograph: "New technologies made deadly simple". Plain old slides, Execuvision. Freelancers and partners top to 85%. 1981.
  14. New-York twin towers. 1982. "Frenchies explaining microcomputing to top wall street companies... what a challenge..."
  15. Senegal. Taiba. 1983. "Relocalisation of management process: initiation to micromputing... very different challenge, exciting too..."
  16. Honk kong. 1984. First joint venture to build IBM pc clones in China.
  17. Third startup. Take benefit of Berlin wall fall. ASPM GmbH Germany 1990. "New technology direct marketing solutions for big pharmaceuticals firms".
  18. 1993, Internet first seminars for Fortune 500 top executives.
  19. CD Rom publishing. Miami USA, Montreal Canada. World zoom. 1994.
  20. Design, fabrication, world delivery. China, Europe teleworking. Formulettes© handheld computer 7$/piece: keyboard, lcd 4 lines. 35000 units, 112 countries. 1996.
  21. Spain move 1999. Someday zero travel?... 1999 travels for meetings fall to 15%... Now travel is only 5%. Mediawikis and some skype do 95% of the job...
  22. Open Source contribution. Open Office. 2000...
  23. 2004, Wikipedia first Mediawiki personal contributions. "Mediawikis and web2.0 are going to change the world..." Wikipedia user:jfayel
  24. Web2.0 "local newspapers" http://diwiki.org. Startup of the first local webnewspaper at Zaragoza Spain, 2006. Extension in 2009 into a world network of webinfos.
  25. 2007: Twitter, Friendfeed, Posterous personal and marketing use... "The social is the Internet..."
  26. Cloud computing tops to 99% for JF Ayel personal and work use. 2009...
  27. ... more to come...


  • Family, friendship
  • Training, coaching, teaching, learning, new technologies evangelist
  • Anthropology, philosophy, poetry, novellas, theater, direct democracy, classical music, jazz, outdoor
  • Chanson francaise: brassens, brel, trenet, aznavour, piaf, ...
  • Sports practicing (top list)...
soccer, ski, squash, body-board, tennis, biking, hiking, lake fishing


  • France
  • + alphabetical list...
Belgium, Canada, China, Congo, Germany, Honk Kong, Italia, Portugal, Senegal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Uk, Usa


Time list...

  • Lycées: Français Lisbonne, Hoche Versailles, Préparatoire Ginette
  • Ph.D. Computer Science Ecole des Mines de Paris
  • Graph Theory and Probabilities Doctorate C.I.R.O.
  • ... since then my customers have been one of the main sources of my personal learning curve growth...

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